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"The Aeneid"

Oksana Ternavska’s illustrations for this edition are truly impressive, as the book was prepared over a three-year long period. The characters masterfully drawn by the artist’s brush are known to every Ukrainian since childhood

"History of the Zaporizhzhia Cossacks"

The three-volume book by the outstanding Ukrainian historian Yavornytsky is the most valuable monument of pre-revolutionary Ukrainian historiography and an important source for studying the history of the Ukrainian Cossacks

"The Thousand and One Nights"

The book of fairy tales and stories “The Thousand and One Nights” once impressed Europeans no less than the variety of eastern fabrics, the shimmer of steel of merciless Muslim sabers and the mysterious shine of colorful Arabian bowls

"About Ukrainian language and book"

Throughout the post-Soviet years, Ukrainian scientists had virtually no opportunity to study Ivan Ohienko’s creative and scientific heritage, as it was withdrawn from public access for many years in Soviet Ukraine.

"The Prince"

Each copy of this masterpiece, created by the great Italian philosopher, historian and thinker Niccolo Machiavelli, is handmade using the original French technology of the XVIII century

Why choose us

A careful selection of books, unique design and excellent quality make our books recognizable, prestigious and of high cultural value. Our books have rightfully become an adornment of museums and libraries of statesmen, and can be found on the bookshelves of famous politicians and businessmen, prominent scientists, and everyone who appreciates immortal beauty and eternal wisdom.


What we do

We publish books, but we are not ordinary craftsmen, but artists who, without undue modesty, call themselves co-authors of books. Illustrations, cover, binding, design of each page – all of this is of great importance to us and is subordinated to one goal: to convey the author’s intention to the reader and present the book as a complete, eternal creation that has not only artistic but also high aesthetic value

Our mission

We are active readers, so we publish books of which we are fully confident in their literary quality. Each of our books is a “book with its own story”. We carefully select authors and texts, engage the best editors, illustrators, designers, and binders, and strive for perfection in form and content. Some of our books are made entirely by hand, from the cover to the paper for the pages

Our mission is to open the door to the treasury of human wisdom for our readers!