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Illustrated History of Ukraine

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  • Volume: 720 pages
  • Circulation: 50 copies
  • Format: 145×205 mm (5.7х8.1 in)
  • Binding: handmade from genuine leather
  • Printing: offset
  • Paper: Munken Print Cream (Sweden)
  • Spine: rounded
  • Fore-edge: polished
  • Lasse: yes
  • Language of publication: Ukrainian

Features: printed according to the Vienna edition of 1921 with drawings selected by the author

The work of the prominent Ukrainian historian, politician, Chairman of the Central Rada of the Ukrainian People's Republic, academician M.S. Hrushevsky is known to a wide range of readers. The publication is based on the text of the Dniprosoyuz publishing house, Kyiv-Vienna, 1921, which is interesting because the last pages of Ukrainian history were added by Hrushevsky "in hot pursuit" of the actual proclamation of Pavlo Skoropadsky as hetman. Given that this work is an invaluable historical and cultural monument, the authentic spelling has been preserved to the maximum extent possible.