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  • Volume: 322 pages
  • Circulation: 12 copies
  • Format: 170×245 mm (6х9 in)
  • Binding: handmade from genuine leather with combined embossing of the top cover
  • Paper: designer RIVES
  • Spine: rounded bandage with inserts of leather of a different color and embossing
  • Bookend: silk moire
  • Trim: embellished with gold embossing
  • Case: velvet and cork
  • Lasse: yes
  • Publication language: English

Features: for the first time, watercolor works by Taras Grigoryevich were used to design the pages of the Kobzar. Each copy has its own number

This edition contains the works of Taras Shevchenko translated into English by famous poets. Along with the poetic heritage of the poet, the book presents his artistic works, which show the people the powerful and strong-willed Shevchenko, around whom people gather because of the energy of goodness and love. For the first time, his watercolors were used to decorate the pages containing Taras Shevchenko's poems. We are confident that our book, created with the utmost respect and honor for the genius of the Ukrainian people, will become a jewel of collections and libraries, and will be able to present the legacy of Taras Shevchenko at the highest state level.